Goodbye 2017


I am sitting this morning at my in laws house in my warm fleece lined pants contemplating the last year and what is next. What does 2018 hold for you all? Some are graduating? Some are taking on new sports, musical or academic challenges? Are any of you taking on the “R” word, resolution? I challenge you to not take up a resolution. I instead encourage you to carry on living in the spirit of Christ and live each day next in constant awareness of Christ all around you.
I have been studying a philosopher and theologian over Advent named Paul Tillich. He has been talking a lot about anxiety. I think my biggest take away is that anxiety is a normal part of our lives. We are anxious because we are alive and we don’t know what is next. Anxiety becomes a problem when it takes away from us being the person we were meant to be, Tillich calls these self defying behaviors. On the opposing side then are self affirming behaviors. In the coming year, there will be anxious moments to be sure. Self affirming behaviors are those behaviors that build you up as a person and help you be the best person you were meant to be. Being with your community, reaching out to those you love and as cliched as it may be, walk daily with the Lord are all behaviors that I encourage you all to comitt to in 2018.

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