You have a weak butt

A lot of people at the gym are all about the squats, they want a big butt. Butt(see what I did there?) what does a front or back squat get you and is that all there is?

Let’s talk about kinetic chain for a moment. The old song, the arm bone is connected to the shoulder bone and so on is rather accurate. The body is an interconnected parcel of bone, muscle, fascia and other connective tissue. All play a role and if one piece if out of order, other parts down the chain can be too. Take plantar faschitis for example. It is not just a foot thing, it is a lower and upper leg problem and it is a butt problem and it is a back problem and so on.

Doing front or back squats only will leave you with a weak butt. Focusing on the gluteus maximus muscle only leaves out the gluteus medus, minimus and a bunch of others.

5 other exercises to round out the experience.

1. barbell, dumbell and machine squat

2. single and double leg presses that allow for full thigh extension

3. stiff -leg and romanian dead lift

4. Reverse Lunge with a dumbbell

5. Glute/hamstring raise

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