Unexpected Sonshine – a repost from 2017

I got to run another 50k recently. Not sure how many it’s been up to this point. Glacier Ridge 50k. I was joking with my partners on the Friday before the race about how my wife and I wanted to back pack this trail in a week back when we were in college. Yesterday I did it in 7 hours and 44 minutes.
The weather was cool, and the forecast called for rain and cold all day. Turned out by 10:30, we had sunshine and I was coming into mile 15 for the turn around. I texted my wife and told her I loved her. I would finish the race, and go on a date, grocery shopping and going out for dinner, just like we always do.
You do a lot of thinking on the trail. I was thinking yesterday how one does not get 2nd chances and as I got to thinking about this today, I realize that everyday is just a mulligan of yesterday if you let it happen. Life sucks sometimes and if you let it bring you down, you never really giver yourself that second chance.
Having faith is like having second chances daily. I heard someone the other day say that on cannot call themselves a Chrstian in the present tense because it speaks of the idea that one already is a Christian and there is a sense of finality to it. Instead, we should see ourselves as becoming Christians. In John 14:1-14, we hear that knowing Jesus is knowing God. And knowing is not something that you do in a single event. Knowing takes a life time. Jesus is knowing the one and only way to God. Jesus is the message bearer, the one who became enlightened through a symbiotic and an enmeshed relationship with God the creator. Knowing Jesus is experiencing the Holy Spirit moving through us. I got to experience this yesterday as I paused about 4 miles from the finish. I cam to this beautiful pond with a single white blooming tree off to my 11:00. This single tree was reflecting beautifully on the water. Pausing for a moment, I felt the Holy Spirit help me be aware of God’s creativity and Jesus’ compassion.
Till next time,


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