52 Weeks of Healthy Eating: A Collective Approach to Awakening our Health

March! – I heard red wing black birds the other day on my bike ride. In the North East, the earliest signs of spring are the red wing black birds. Other signs are daffodil and crocus shoots. In April or May, we will begin to hear the spring peepers, a tree frog variety found here in the Eastern US and Canada.

  • Spring is a time of renewal, re – growth, it is a time to re claim our health after a long cold winter indoors.
  • Begin to think of physical movment as a spiritual practice – I am inspired by Jesus’s walkabout, and the Tendai Monks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaih%C5%8Dgy%C5%8D. The last few weeks, I have have noticed changes in the birds, they are singing different, the sun is sitting differently in the sky and the air is beginning to feel differnt. Walking mindfully allows you to notice all these changes.
  • Healthy eating as a spiritual practice – gone are the casseroles and the soups “Let food be thy medicine”. We have a few more months of cold and it will be a while till we get fresh greens. If you have fallen off your dietary goals, now is a time to recommit. Are the foods that you are turning to giving you life?
  • Begin moving with the vibrations of the renewing season – making new or recommitting to old healthy habits (This in line with the planting of new flowers/ food stuffs/ herbs and the re emergence of perrenial or bi annual plants

This week’s meals are fairly simple:

Pulled Pork and steamed green beans

Honey Teriyaki Chicken and steamed brocolli – https://www.lecremedelacrumb.com/instant-pot-honey-teriyaki-chicken/

Breakfast will be the usual, oatmeal with protein powder and eggs and toast. I will be trying maca bowls this week.

This will be a taper week for me. Coming up this Saturday is my first event of the year, a 45 mile gravel(dirt country road) bike ride- https://roadappleroubaix.wordpress.com/

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