Appalachian Trail Adventures

This Memorial Day weekend, I am taking my 14 year old daughter, Faith on a section hike of the Appalachian Trail in Maryland. Things did not work out as planned.

Day 1- Departure and Sightseeing

Day 2: Mason Dixon Line to Cowal Shelter

We would hike 10 miles today and it would be about 6 miles in that I knew Faith was in trouble. We hit multiple sections of rocks like the ones seen below and several pointless ups and downs(puds). Soon the tears were flowing and the cramping took over and Faith was experiencing Wesley amounts of pain.

Penn Mar Park Overlook
trail is to the right
Bear bag hanger
A forced smile
Ensign Cowall Memorial Shelter
Faith named this cicada Clover

Day 3, Pick up outside of Ensign Cowall to Harper’s Ferry

After looking at the maps and doing a good bit of thinking, it was determined that calling the hike was the most prudent move. Overnight temps were in the 40’s and it rained all night. On top of exhaustion, we were not equipped for cold weather camping. We would get picked up by our pick up and do 5 miles on the C & O path. We would manage to get around 20 miles over our three days.

Faith named this slug Vinne

According to Faith, you have to “have the bad days to appreciate the good days”. This weekend was more about living and enjoying life rather than the distance traveled. This is living your life.

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