It has been a moment since I wrote last. I have had a bad case of writer’s block.

Perhaps the time is now. I have been considering mindfulness and my practices as a modern day contemplative and I think it is appropriate to share.

We live in a lonely world. Even though our lover, our friends, our children, our family are right. next. to. us.

Compassion is a bridge that joins God with creation. When we engage in compassionate, loving relationships with others, we create a bridge that allows all people access to the kindom of God. We are all a family, we in this divided, lonely time need to create “we’ness”. This I, Me, Mine mentality won’t stand. Christianity, Evangelicalism, with it’s duality, us vs. them mentality must cease.

Jesus chose compassion. In spite of a crushing socio – political environment where his countrymen were enslaved, where racism ran rampant, where the religious elite were in bed with the Roman government, perpetuating the situational and characterological violence of his society, Jesus chose compassion. Simply turning to the words attributed to him, “you have heard it said” or “blessed are”, Jesus chose compassion.

Can you put away your selfishness? Your blaming? Your finger pointing? Can you accept? Acceptance in the Eastern context does not simply mean resign, it means allowing the “isness” of the situation be present. No clinging, no finger wrenching, just allow. As you cultivate lovingkindness and accept the “isness” of the situation at hand, you begin to cultivate compassion and perhaps begin to see things from another person’s point of view. We are all in this together.

Creator God, compassionate one, open our hearts to see the selfishness in ourselves. Help us to see others as you see them – as one with you in the kinship of all creation. Help us love extravagantly and soften our dualistic opinions.

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