Coffee with Jesus – Considering Right Relationships

1 Peter 3:8 – Be like minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.

I met with Jesus the other day for coffee at our usual coffee shop.  It is getting around the time of Valentines day and I recently did a presentation on managing relationships during stressful times. I had a verse in mind that I wanted to discuss with Jesus, something his buddy Peter may have written about and I wanted to unpack it. 
We exchanged our usual pleasantries, ordered our coffee and found our way to the sofas we usually sat at to discuss life. He asked about my upcoming presentation and if I was nervous.  I told him I was not, it was matter that I covered often with my clients.  He would ask me about the passage I wanted to discuss and would point out that his buddy Peter would have said a lot about being stressed out and this passage can tell us a lot about how to deal with stressful times and considering right relationships.  First off, Jesus noted that the words as I presented them point to a state of being, which is vastly different than a state of action. Be like minded, be sympathetic, be compassionate, be humble and just love. 
What is the state of being?  It is a state of avoiding “isness”, a state of centering one’s self in the present moment and letting go of shoulds. It is just a state of openeness and understanding. 
Jesus said to be then is to just bring oneself with no pretentions, no expectations, no ego. 
We finished our coffee, exchanged a hug and said goodbyes.

Closing Prayer,
Give us the courage to be Lord in a world that demands doing, 

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